Please donate by helping me raising money for my favorite teacher‘s son Alfie for his medical care!

My Story

hi my name is louis. I am participating to an open water challenge for my teacher’s son. 
Alfie is suffering from a rare illness called the bone marrow disease.
To help, I will swim 2.4km around middle island without stopping.

                  Thank you for helping us

                   by louis

Recent Donors

  • てるひ 柴田

    マミのお友達のてるひです。 瑠衣君は本当に優しくて、お友達思いですね。実行力がある素敵な人です。 アルフィー君の病気が早く良くなるように願っています。

    HKD 200 15/07/2020

  • Kamila Elliott

    HKD 200 13/07/2020

  • Aurelie Martin

    Well done Louis, thank you for this initiative, we wish Alfie and his family strength and joy! The Martin

    HKD 500 12/07/2020

  • Magali & Laurent Zylberberg

    Bravo Louis and all the brave children for CM1!!! Your teacher must be really proud of you and touched by your initiative. All the best to Alfie.

    HKD 200 12/07/2020

  • Luc Moulin

    HKD 500 12/07/2020

  • Alexia Nicolas

    Bravo Louis!!! Félicitations pour ton implication et ton courage pour ce très bel engagement.👍😘

    EUR 30 11/07/2020

  • Katsue Maudrux


    EUR 25 11/07/2020

  • Gwenael Delattre

    Belle initiative Louis!

    HKD 300 11/07/2020

  • Nancy Lo

    HKD 500 11/07/2020

  • Risako Takemasa


    HKD 200 11/07/2020

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