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Swallow's Nest Business is Very Tempting Because it Provides Multiple Benefits.

About Lending Project

Indonesia is a place with the best habitat for swallow and has produced swallow nests with premium quality.

High-value swallow bird nests, the price of the WORLD MARKET swallow nest is set starting at IDR 15 milliom or USD 1.050/Kg up to IDR 30 million / Kg or USD 2,100 / Kg. Swallow nests originated not from leaves or plants like other birds, swallow nests made purely from their saliva (Saliva).

The swallow nest business has been popular for a long time and many people in Indonesia are rich thanks to this effort because it brings quite a large profit with the very high selling price of swallow's nest.

Since long time ago the business of swallow nest cultivation has a very profitable opportunity. From this business, the turnover can reach hundreds of millions for small scale, especially the professional scale will produce far greater profits.

The demand for swiftlet nests inside and outside the country is quite high but not comparable to production or supply so that the price of swallow's nests is never cheap. Many of the produced swallow nests traditionally collected from The Cave are still managed traditionally and have not been done professionally. Natural conditions that are very natural sometimes make the production of swallow nest drop.

Therefore we need INVESTORS to cultivate swallow in a PROFESSIONAL way by build many swallow's houses. This house must support the condition of the swallow's native habitat which aims to prevent swallow birds from escaping to other locations, to be comfortable, and breed here. Fot build a swallow's house  measures 18 x 12 meters and  high  4  floor need fund from investors amount IDR 350 million (IDR 14.500/USD).

Yayasan Citra Harum Permata offers cooperation with potential Investors to invest amount IDR 350 million / swallow house and equipment  in 5 years it will provide more 500% net profit for investors.

We have the advantage of being in South Sumatra  - Indonesia is a well-known swallow bird  habitat that has long been the largest producer of swallow bird nests in the world.

Indonesia is a country of Heaven Swallow Bird Nest and is able to become the largest producer of swallow nest in the World due to environmental conditions which strongly support the growth of swallow (Collacalia sp). The condition is to have a tropical climate, wet areas with a rainy season of six months in one year, have a vast and fertile forest area, a river flow and have a low land to a maximum height of 1000 masl.

In its natural habitat, swift birds are found nesting in remote caves. Usually, the cave is on steep cliffs near the open sea. In the vicinity of the cave generally surrounded by dense forests.

Swallow prefers if the area has waters (rivers or lakes), grasslands, and tall, lush trees. In areas like this, many small insects are infested with swallow birds.

In Indonesia swallow is found in almost all provinces. Swallow does not like barren areas. Even though the flight is high, the swallow does not like the area with an altitude of more than 1,500 m above sea level.

For the location of swallow nest so need a damp place. The humidity of the space needed is around 85-95%. The room temperature is suitable for swifts between 25 to 29 0C.

Walet really wants a quiet, safe, and not polluted location. Swallow birds include birds that live in groups.

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