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Loan to Mrs. Sokhanra Chhay - Rice Farmer in Cambodia

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About Lending Project

Sokhanra is 34 years old and she has three kids, aged between 6 and 20 years old. Her two older children are still at school.

Sokhanra and her husband are taking out a loan to replace their old tractor that is breaking down. They expect to pay back the loan within 12 months.

Presently Sokhanra and her husband have farmed rice on around eight hectares of land to grow dry season rice. They harvest their rice crops twice a year, the crops collection is around three tons per hectare to meet market demand. At harvesting time, the agents will buy the rice directly from their home. They have been using their own tractor to plough the land for over ten years. However, the tractor is now breaking down more often and is affecting their ability to plough the land on time. They have decided to take a loan in order to purchase new machine to replace the old one and they expect to pay the loan back within twelve months.

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