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My Story

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them"
(c) Walt Disney 

Each one of us have dreams that we wanted to pursue. And for that to happen, we must have Education. 
My parents always tell me that Education is the only treasure that no one can steal from you. If you have it, you will be able to fulfill your dreams, be able to make a change and make this world a better place to live in. 

It is so sad to face the reality that not everyone has given the privilage of having education due to poverty. Instead of studying, they would help their parents work to survive their everyday living. 

But the good news is helping them is never too late. Through starting making a move today, we can change the life of these amazing kids and help them live their dreams. 

New bags and school supplies are sometimes taken for granted by children and families who can afford them, but for other children living in poor conditions, a bag filled with school materials could be their very ticket to a better life.With your help, World Vision hopes to provide Back-to-School Kits to thousands of children in our partner communities nationwide. You not only provide a child with basic learning materials, but you are giving them an opportunity to be closer to their dreams and a brighter future.This kit includes:
  • Backpack
  • Notebooks
  • Papers
  • Pencils with erasers

Impact of your donation:

PHP 1000 (USD 20) : guarantees that 2 children will have new learning kits for the school year
PHP 3000 (USD 60): enable you to help World Vision for the classroom repairs covering the following areas: Antique, Cebu, Leyte and Isabela. Enabling teachers to concentrate on teaching large numbers of children with complex needs while allowing students to experience a positive learning environment. 

Together, we can bring happiness to these amazing kids as we help them live their dreams.

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