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My Story

"Our children are our only hope for the future, but we are their only hope for their present and their future."-Zig Ziglar.

In Malaysia, 70% of 25,499 refugees under the age of 18 have not received proper education because there is no legal framework to solve their situation. Most attend schools which are sponsored by non-governmental organizations and even then, there are simply not enough available resources to provide all the children with their most basic needs. To make matters worse, many refugee families were severely affected by the pandemic.

Let me introduce myself before my story begins. I'm Cha @ Chiam Siang Teng, a Taylor's University student who's currently in my semester break. In order to spend my long semester break, I decided to join AIESEC in Taylor University, which provided me with a project "Light A Refugee's Dream". My initial idea of joining this project was just to educate the children and make friends, but now … I've seized an opportunity to help them by raising funds for Manna Home Learning Center (MHLC), which accepts all refugee children, regardless of their nationality, race and religion.

The reason why I am fundraising for these refugee children is because I hope it helps the centre to sustain its welfare and operations. It can furthermore improve education access and learning achievement among refugee children. Till now, I am still moved to hear the sweet voice of children calling me "teacher". It gives me a sense of pride and happiness where I'm able to bring a little impact to them. A brilliant smile often appears on their faces, which makes my day.

To not let their smiles disappear from their faces, let's raise funds together! Every single money donated was really appreciated. Thank you so much for the contribution!

P.s. For every RM 100 raised, I'll run 1 km! NO JOKE;) or Any challenge you would like to see me doing, feel free to dm me on Instagram if we reach & break the target hehe!

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  • Foo Lun Leong

    I glad to see you who help each other.

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    Keep doing what you do the best

    MYR 30 01/20/2022 03:21:25 PM UTC

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