We would like to fundraise for a specific 'dietary requirement' at Tasikoki. Let's let the monkeys (and birds and reptiles and bears) @ TASIKOKI eat in peace for a whole year. These animals have already survived the outcome of having themselves prepped for a sunday roast, so let's give them a bit of what they've earned.

My Story


Arie and I are working in the winters to allow travel in the summers. Besides being an amazing way to work & play every year, it gives us the opportunity to visit and volunteer some really impressive projects & stay there several months. This way we hope to get a real sense of what is going on in the world today, and what we can do to resolve some of its biggest problems.

WE are spending until november @TASIKOKI wildlife animal rescue, and visitor & education centre in North Sulawesi INDONESIA

Rescue Centres such as Tasikoki are always heavily reliant on the generosity of others for adequate funding. Since we have arrived here, we have learned that the 400+ creatures living at Tasikoki can't be properly fed with only the food supply sourced on site (which constitutes about 10% of their total daily intake). The remainder of their hunger is stilled by buying local produce, at an average cost of $200,- per day. JUST to keep their bellies full - and you know love goes through the belly..

Now isn't that some food for thought; knowing that Tasikoki does not generate its own income to supply these animals with their daily meals, yet still $200 per day needs to be found to keep everyone happy. Therefore, we would like to raise funds, to allow for 1 YEAR of food for all animal friends on site.

For those donating and interested in staying in the loop of our progress, the animal friends and their favourite foods, we offer an exclusive update with films, photo's, updates, information and the latest gossip going around Slow Loris Lane.

When you are about to slip into your next food coma- brought about by an excessive bout of binging on your favourite foods, think about the beautiful animal friends that inhabit this rescue centre, and maybe opt to put some money into our fundraiser.

We promise it will be more satisfying than any food could ever be.

Thank you! OKE DOEI! x

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    Dank jullie wel!

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    Du Theatre! Tjerk, Dennis en alle quizers uiteraard, supervetkoel bedankt voor jullie inzet en donatie! We gaan onze lieve dierenvrienden verwennen met allerlei lekkers, mede mogelijk gemaakt door jullie!

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    Ruben en Yvet, Lidwien, Nina, Annie, Jan Willem, Olga, Paul en Ger, Maresha, Insen en Shirley! Dank jullie wel voor de $$, wij gaan lekker shoppen voor onze lieve dierenvriendjes!

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    Hey Kanjers, Hamsteren voor het goede doel!!! Mooi dat jullie je aan zo'n goed doel hebben verbonden. Stiekem missen we jullie wel een beetje, succes nog even daar en tot snelbinder!!! Debbie & Tjeerd

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