Seva in Sanskrit means selfless service. Let's work together to serve and uplift others that are in need in this time of crisis.

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The Yoga Room is providing free online zoom yoga classes to support our students. If you enjoyed the class with us - please donate any amount for this good cause so we can all work together to help the Hong Kong community.  Every small step matters.  

Recent Donors

  • Anonymous

    HKD 500 13/08/2020

  • Anonymous

    HKD 500 12/08/2020

  • Ella Arwyn Jones

    Thank you, Yoga Room!

    HKD 250 11/08/2020

  • Maya Wodnicka

    HKD 200 11/08/2020

  • Astrid Andersson

    HKD 300 11/08/2020

  • Fiona

    HKD 1,000 10/08/2020

  • Richard Travers-Griffin

    HKD 100 09/08/2020

  • Eloise Matsui

    Thank you Yoga room for the free classes which I am enjoying from home. Thank you to HandsOn HK for all you are doing to support NGOs in HK and their beneficiaries during this challenging time.

    HKD 200 09/08/2020

  • Anonymous

    HKD 800 09/08/2020

  • Anonymous

    HKD 1,000 09/08/2020

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