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That was my mantra throughout my cancer journey. I'm a cervical cancer stage 2b survivor. Cancer can be devastating but the human mind has an incredible power to withstand it. Your mind will quit a thousand times before your body will... Put your heart, mind and soul even into your smallest acts and believe me, you will be amazed with yourself. It was not an easy journey for me as a single mum with 2 teenage kids.  I walked out of this like a mortal warrior simply because of my will to survive was far greater than to die of fear. I have come this far and I'm not gonna stop! I'm Just a Woman with the will to survive. 

Now, it is time to give back. Join me!!!! Let's raise some fund and help more people to make peace with Cancer! 
Cancer can't kill YOU!  

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    Good luck with the climb, you'll conquer it as well.

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