In memory of our dear friend Ramanan, we are organising a Bigger than King Kong Football Festival in his honor and fundraising for MAKNA.

My Story

Ramanan held a special place in so many hearts among us and his passing has affected us all. He always gave his support for his friends and family without asking for recognition or expecting anything in return. His kindness, compassion, wit and humour lives on in our memory.

He was always larger than life in everything he did from his legendary singing to his infamous partying, but he was also known for his exceptional skills on the football pitch ( aka The Tonjol ). Ramanan embraced life to the fullest and loved unconditionally.

In honour of our beloved Ramanan who fought the good fight in battling cancer, we are raising funds to help the great many who are still fighting this terrible disease. We would like to invite you all to donate towards MAKNA - a charity strongly supported by Ramanan.

MAKNA’s mission is to mobilise resources in order to provide curative, preventive, research and support services to cancer patients and their families, high-risk groups and the general public, in Malaysia and the region.

Recent Donors

  • Jalaja and Chandra Santhirasegaran

    MYR 200 01/03/2019

  • Jalaja and Chandra Santhirasegaran

    MYR 200 01/02/2019

  • Jalaja and Chandra Santhirasegaran

    MYR 200 01/01/2019

  • Cheryl Low

    A magnanimous effort by Team King Kong!

    MYR 100 27/11/2018

  • Darren Kenneally

    MYR 250 26/11/2018


    A special person in our heart <3 who has fought a good fight!

    MYR 500 26/11/2018

  • Sulochana Chandran

    MYR 100 25/11/2018

  • Avin Nadarajan

    To our dearest friend Ramanan, in loving memory.

    MYR 300 25/11/2018

  • Darshini Nathan

    MYR 100 24/11/2018

  • Dev Thana

    MYR 150 24/11/2018

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