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" We rise by lifting others". Robert Ingersoll
 Seven years ago I moved to the most beautiful and breathtaking city of Hong Kong. You cannot help but be dazzled by the harbour, bright lights and vast mountainous terrain that rests behind the skyscrapers. The hustle and bustle of people going about their daily lives is a sight to behold. The chinks of glasses from bars and cafes as people enjoy an evening of drinks after a busy day at work,deciding if they want to sweat through the humidity or shiver in the aircon. You cannot help but be drawn to the wonderful people in Hong Kong, and what may appear on the outside to be an easy city to live in. Despite this, it is clear that life is a struggle for the homeless community in Hong Kong, often hidden from the eyes of residents and tourists. The plight of the homeless in hong kong is desperate, incredibly sad and often frustrating. But there are two sides to every story...therefore I wanted to tell you about the amazing people that I have met in the homeless shelters across Hong Kong. Their sense of community, helping each other despite having little or nothing to share. There sense of gratitude for the support they get. For their sense of optimism and smiles regardless of their situations. There interest in you (where you are from). There resilience and perseverance through tough weather conditions in Hong Kong. I personally have learned a great deal from our homeless community. They are part of our community, kindness does matter, and they are not forgotten. We are raising this money not only to continue supporting kindness donations, but also to get a venue to begin changing peoples lives through a job creation project. Time is of the essence, it is so important to nurture that energy and positive spirit which is so clear in our homeless communities before it is consumed. Please help us, to help them. You really will change someone life!

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  • Alex D

    All the best Naomi, I'll be back in the fold sooner rather than later

    HKD 500 31/08/2017

  • Ben Fugill

    HKD 900 23/07/2017

  • Andrea Jackson

    GBP 10 02/07/2017

  • Nick Theo

    A wonderful organisation that supports the lives of those who need it in Hong Kong. It's inspirational the level of a movement that is taking place, the care and humanity for others! :)

    HKD 1,000 02/07/2017

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for helping those in need.

    HKD 1,000 30/06/2017

  • Rob Payne

    HKD 150 29/06/2017

  • Guillaume Fortin

    HKD 50 29/06/2017

  • Anonymous

    HKD 250 29/06/2017

  • Hilary New

    Fantastic work for a worthy and important cause. In this day and age no-one should have to live in such sad and poor conditions . Go Naomes x

    HKD 150 29/06/2017

  • Andrew Oakley

    GBP 10 25/06/2017

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