Hoping to raise awareness for this inspiring community! Any donation, whether RM10 or RM50 would be much appreciated and would greatly help with the upcoming academic year!

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There are millions of children across the globe who lack access to secondary education.In Malaysia, only 16% of the refugee children aged 14-17 enroll in secondary education. Most of the refugee children will not continue to high school due to financial and social barriers.

Ideas Academy is providing a solution

Ideas Academy is a secondary learning centre for underprivileged children, including refugee, stateless and undocumented children. Our primary aim is that every child between 12 and 18 years old should gain a strong foundation in secondary education so that they grow up becoming responsible, confident and compassionate citizens of tomorrow.Ideas Academy provides holistic learning using the Cambridge curriculum as well as life skill programme and extra-curricular activities to develop our students soft skills. We started with a class of 24 students and we have over 160 students at the moment and a growing waiting list. With your support we hope that the Academy will be able to grow to approximately 300 students by 2020.

Building a sustainable learning centre

Ideas Academy is one of the few secondary level learning centres for refugees and has been able to keep its doors open by generous donations of foundations, corporations and individuals. The learning centre wishes to change its model from charity to social enterprise by opening up for Malaysians and foreigners who are looking for access to high quality IGCSE education at competitive pricing. By opening our doors for Malaysian and foreign students in September 2019 we are building a more self-sustainable learning centre and we create a more inclusive form of education. In other words each paying student will enroll one underprivileged student. Together we will be able to break the cycle of poverty and create better life opportunities for underprivileged.

How will your donation help us?

At the moment our learning centre is limited to accommodate a maximum of 175 students. A renovation is needed to accommodate approximately 300 students in the near future and to keep providing excellent education we wish to extend our educational program and expand our team of qualified teachers.
A donation of:
100 RM can provide extra educational material for 1 student
500 RM gives us the chance to upgrade the students facilities
1000 RM will help us to grow our team of qualified teachers
5000 RM will help us to create new classrooms
No matter how big or small any donation is significant and appreciated. Your kind donation will enable us to bring the power of education to more underprivileged children and help them go one step further towards a brighter future.

Donate. Share. Fundraise. Become a friend of Ideas Academy.


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