I'm making a difference by raising money for a cause and organisation very close to my heart. Please join me by donating (or running with!).

My Story

I've worked for Friends for 13 years and watched some real-life everyday heroes - social workers, case managers, teachers, medics, cooks, working with children and youth, tirelessly every day. They save lives, they build futures, they make an impact and they bring results. Just in 2018, Friends reached 51,000 individuals with almost 2,500,000 services. Services include, 
• Reintegrating children into public school
• Placing youth in vocational training, internships, in jobs
• Taking care of children and youth in transitional housing before finding more permanent family-based homes
• Supporting young people to live independently
• Taking in children and youth into our detox centres
• Various health-related, drug-related, life-skills related services
• And the list goes on and on!

So... I'm getting my running shoes on and want to give my all to support my everyday hero colleagues to continue their amazing work with the most vulnerable and marginalised of South-East Asia, Africa and Europe.
Please support me and my colleagues to continue making a difference in the lives of vulnerable children and youth.

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