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Dear friends,

This December I will run my first 10K race, at the historic Angkor Wat temples in Cambodia. While I don't consider myself to be a runner, I am excited to take part in this race as it raises money for victims of landmines who have lost their limbs and livelihoods to remnants of war. Fees for the race will go towards providing them with prosthetic limbs, social reintegration programs, and other relevant programs for education and HIV/AIDs prevention.
To double my impact, I have decided to also raise money for a local animal welfare non-profit organization here in Phnom Penh, Animal Rescue Cambodia. Since I moved to Cambodia in August, I have been devastated to see the prevalence of stray, diseased, malnourished animals roaming the streets. This is not unusual in parts of the world where animal welfare ranks secondary to issues surrounding human health, poverty, and education.

Animal Rescue Cambodia seeks to improve animal welfare and end the dog meat trade in Cambodia through outreach and neutering programs. The shelter also temporarily houses animals, like the 39 cats recently rescued from a pagoda, and works to find foster and permanent homes for the animals. 

As with other causes I support, I am attracted to this organization's sustainable approach, as outlined by its mission statement below. I hope you will support me in helping to end the dog meat trade in Cambodia. You can read more about it below in the Khmer Times.
"Creating Sustainable Animal Welfare
Animal welfare is still at its infancy in Cambodia. Animals are often considered as a nuisance, food, or as property. There is a lack of knowledge and understanding about how to care for animals, and consequently there are high rates of abuse and neglect, and dogs and cats are often sold for meat.

Our mission is to create sustainable animal welfare in Cambodia, and end suffering for Cambodian street cats and dogs.We are committed to sustainable and long-lasting change in Cambodia, and work closely with local communities.Our approach:
  • tackling overpopulation through neutering programs,
  • educating local communities and schools about animal welfare, and
  • improving the quality of veterinary care through training.
Changing human behavior is the key to our motivation, as it is the only way to truly improve the future of Cambodian street animals."

You can read more about the dog meat trade in Cambodia, here:

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