It's my birthday month! No need for birthday gifts! Share my birthday blessings with vulnerable children. All I ask from you is to give to a cause close to my heart - to protect the institution of marriage and the welfare of children & families around the world. Strong families build strong communities!

My Story

November is the BEST month in my opinion.... because it's my birthday!!!!!

This year, I want to do something special and something more meaningful.

Instead of getting gifts to indulge myself or having parties (which we can't do anyway, because of CMCO), I'd like you all to join in #KeepItLit campaign for every child - to keep every child's dream lit, bright and alive.  

So just click "DONATE NOW" and give to your capacity! 
You can opt to be anonymous too... just that I won't be able to show my gratitude to you specifically ;)

Full disclosure: Yes, I am working at UNICEF Malaysia, but, it goes to show... I believe that the work we do is helping children, especially in places that is in most dire need. So do join in!
Find out more about the Keep It Lit campaign here:
You can also start your own fundraiser! Download your fundraising pack to find out more: 

Recent Donors

  • Shu Ann Chan

    SGD 100 11/29/2020 08:10:10 AM UTC

  • Jia Ren Yew

    Happy Birthday Julee! Hope you're doing well at UNICEF! Keep up the awesome work helping the children :)

    SGD 25 11/27/2020 10:15:51 AM UTC

  • Er Jie

    Great idea Ju Lee! Happy birthday

    GBP 50 11/27/2020 09:07:17 AM UTC

  • Anonymous

    Your contribution is so awesome and I love your heart for children, families and UNICEF! May you be blessed a hundredfold with this noble drive for your birthday!

    MYR 50 11/27/2020 08:21:29 AM UTC

  • Farhana Abdullah

    MYR 50 11/27/2020 01:24:19 AM UTC

  • kero 🐸 ケロ

    Wishing U a HAPPY🌻BIRTHDAY for every child ❤️ & many more ...

    MYR 50 11/27/2020 01:05:48 AM UTC

  • Joyce Chan

    Happy Birthday! It’s the 1st birthday I celebrate with you, hope more to come! 😉

    MYR 100 11/24/2020 01:33:51 PM UTC

  • Cynthia Lim

    Blessed birthday Jules!! xoxo

    MYR 200 11/23/2020 08:52:07 AM UTC

  • Claire Bong

    Such an incredibly awesome birthday gesture, Jules. You are truly amazing. Happy Birthday <3

    MYR 100 11/23/2020 05:23:09 AM UTC

  • Wei Hoe Wong

    Happy Birthday Julee! Keep doing what you're doing!

    MYR 50 11/21/2020 12:52:10 PM UTC

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