We are JEMS Primary 6 Students and we are fundraising for Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Tuen Mun!

My Story

Who we are
We are this year’s orange level, which is surprisingly only two of us. Throughout this semester, we’ve been learning more and more about different aspects of poverty, and I can say that we’ve learnt a lot about our community and those around us, and more stuff about ourselves that we previously never knew about.

Why we care
We care because it's important to spread awareness about what's currently happening, and the risks and factors that come with leaving the problem alone for the government to solve, and along with the fact that the majority of people take things for granted that any person living in poverty would see as a blessing. We care because not enough people do, and not enough people know how to. 

Many children (like us, previously) were taught that if we didn't pay attention in school, we would end up like the people on the streets, and we now know that that simply isn’t really true. Although it could happen that way, there are many other more common factors that cause poverty, but the other problems are often overshadowed and overlooked by the less complicated ones, and that leads to more people who don't know the full length of what’s going on.

Our Solution
If we all work together and learn truly what the people in poverty are facing, we can understand how to help and will then know how to care for people in poverty without causing hurt. Getting to know others and starting to build a relationship is the first step to empathising with others. We believe this is what is needed.

Who we want to support and why - YWAM Tuen Mun
Youth with a Mission Tuen Mun’s mission is to proclaim hope and provide comfort to all by providing holistic care to the needy and using relevant, creative tools to speak to this generation. They conduct frequent outreach programmes, are a local food bank, and most importantly they build relationships and care about those who are living in poverty in the Tuen Mun District. We hope to continue to support the work and efforts YWAM carries out in our city! 

Our fundraising goal
We want to raise HK$10,000 to help the Cardboard Collectors Project that enables YWAM Tuen Mun to provide "Covid-19 Relief Packs" for cardboard collectors in the Tuen Mun District. We want to support YWAM Tuen Mun in their efforts to continue building and developing relationships with these families to help meet their needs.

More about our other projects
JEMS Character Academy was founded in 2009 and is an after-school learning centre with a vision to see children become junior excellent members of society. With a belief that education goes beyond transferring knowledge and skills, JEMS provides children with Character Education programmes throughout the year. As a part of encouraging students to give back to the community, it is JEMS' hope that students will grow in their empathy and compassion for different needs in our city through the unique JEMS curriculum where students are encouraged to make a difference in the lives of others. As a result, students across various school levels have chosen to start a campaign to fundraise for different charities that help and support some of the needs in Hong Kong.

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