Thank you all for your overwhelming support and donations! We greatly appreciate your generosity in giving towards this cause. Together we are making a difference!

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We are a group of colleagues (JASS) from the Children Services and we are thankful for the kind support rendered to us over the years. In turn, we would like to pay this kindness forward by supporting the cause of another vulnerable group in our midst.

So here we are - raising funds to help defray the costs of restoring the homes of the frail and elderly from low income families. Whether it is purchasing cleaning supplies or buying a bed frame, every dollar that you give will help create a safer and more decent living environment for them.

Come join us and Make a Difference today!

Thank you so much!

About the Cause
Goal: Rehabilitate seniors’ homes into a safe and sanitary living environment
Seniors living alone or with low-income families often struggle with multiple life challenges. They cope with physical and mental health issues, and lack the financial means to care for themselves or to upkeep their homes. Their homes are usually cluttered from hoarding or plagued with pest infestation (e.g. bed bugs, cockroaches and rats). From peeling stained walls, rusty metal gates to mould in hard-to-reach places, they spend their days in unhygienic and hazardous living conditions. These homes are not just less than ideal - they pose real health, fall and fire risks. Everyone deserves a clean, safe home and to lead a dignified life.

Meet Nathan*
Nathan (68) was referred to our Senior Services team for financial assistance and home rehabilitation. He lives alone in a one-room rental flat after his wife left him, leaving him in the care of his son who was later incarcerated for drug-related offences. 

Nathan had not gone home for many months due to bed bug infestations. Upset and emotional about his family issues, his health deteriorated further. We helped him secure financial assistance for his medical and home bills, and partnered Habitat for Humanity to clear and sanitise his home. Our caseworker continued to keep in touch with him and encouraged him to keep up with medical appointments and community activities. 

Like Nathan, there are many seniors who live in poor living conditions. We can help provide safe and sanitary homes for them.

One Senior at a time...One Home at a time. 
A Home Saved is a Safe Home.

*Not his real name

Some things to note: 
1.  Care Corner is an IPC so your donations would qualify for tax deductions.
2.  Donations received will be eligible for dollar-for-dollar matching by the Singapore government under Community Silver Trust.

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