This season, help me raise funds to support INSPIRE SEA Camp to empower underprivileged students in Malaysia!

My Story

The Inspire SEA VII Camp is a volunteering and community-based movement that aims to provide underprivileged children with motivation and to nurture them into future caliber leaders via a 5-Day inspirational camp in Malaysia. The camp is the brain child of a group of us, Malaysian students in Australia, dedicated to giving back to the community. We are part of MInspire, which is one of the many ARMs of Malaysia Students Council of Australia (MASCA), Victoria.

This year, the Inspire SEA team are getting together to fight the dreaded spicy noodles in an attempt to raise funds for our annual Inspire SEA camp. The more you donate, the spicier it gets!

Breakdown of pledges, if I raise:
RM 100- 1 packet of sauce
RM 150- 1 packet of sauce, 5 drops of Tabasco
RM 200- 2 packets of sauce, 5 drops of Tabasco
RM 250- 2 packets of sauce, 1 green chilli, 5 drops of Tabasco
RM 300- 2 packets of sauce, 1 green chilli, 5 drops of Tabasco, 1 teaspoon of chilli powder

Lifelines can also be pledged by commenting at the bottom with either Package A, B or C:
Package A: 100ml bottle of water (RM20)
Package B: 1 packet of KitKat and water (RM 50)
Package C: 1 slice of bread and milk (RM50)

Recent Donors

  • Anonymous

    All to package A for Winson

    AUD 100 07/08/2018

  • Anonymous

    MYR 150 01/08/2018

  • Issac Woo

    Prepare some milks and cheese! Good luck with the noodles!

    AUD 50 31/07/2018

  • Anonymous

    AUD 50 31/07/2018

  • Charlotte

    Don Die!!

    MYR 30 31/07/2018

  • Calvin YJ


    MYR 150 31/07/2018

  • Joanne Tan

    MYR 20 30/07/2018

  • Amanda Choi

    AUD 30 30/07/2018

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