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Update:  Dai Dam Medical costs HK$65,000

Please help us with small donations to raise the medical expenses.

Dai Dam is a 8.5 years old dog who lives in the SKSF Shelter since rescued.Due to the rainy days in summer, we found that Dai Dam was panting, had no appetite, and vomited last week. He felt bad and was immediately sent to the hospital for treatment.He was diagnosed with tick fever, anemia, and immune system problems. Now Dai Dam is plugged into the stomach tube feeding which is easy to provide liquid gold for treatment Besides his white blood cells tend to decline. So The doctor told us he just received blood transfusion to help him to fight . He may have the spleen removal coz it has abnormal in size. So we really need your help of donation to supports Dai Dam’s huge medical expenses. Please support and appreciate for all your kindness help.

Would be grateful if you can put your donation payments to Sai Kung Stray Friends FoundationHSBC124-073891-838.HK Charity No. 91/13180

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