Help make a difference by supporting Gay Games 11 in Hong Kong 2022 and bring LGBTQ+ equality to Asia.  

My Story

Gay Games 9 in Cleveland 2014 was my first Gay Games and what an amazing experience.  The feeling of community and hope is something I'll never forget.  The Gay Games not only brought people together from all around the world, but it engaged the local community and showed them a more diverse portrait of the LGBTQ+ community.  Gay Games Hong Kong can do the same for Asia. 

This fundraiser is intended to help the organization of the Gay Games 11 in Hong Kong 2022.  All the funds raised will go to the general budget of GGHK LTD and cover vital expenses for the volunteers.  

Gay Games 11 Hong Kong 2022 is a registered charity organization in Hong Kong, run by a local team of passionate volunteers with experiences in organizing sports, arts & culture and LGBTQ+ events. 

Without passionate volunteers from the host city, the Gay Games would not happen.  Let's help them bring together the international LGBTQ+ community, engage others in the local community, and present a more diverse picture of the LGBTQ+ community to Asia.  

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