Poor little baby corgi Emmy is the sweetest, calmest, loveliest little girl. Because of careless inbreeding she was born with hip and leg deformities. She will go through many surgeries and physiotherapy on the long road of recovery. Will you help her try to walk again? Every little bit counts!

My Story

Corgi baby Emmy was born with a serious back leg and hips deformity.
She is an extra sweet, calm and patient, puppy, perhaps the type many people dream to own. Gets along well with dogs and cats at foster home
But casual inbreeding in the process of “producing” pure breed dogs for sale, might have caused her deformity, she lacked the NormaL curvature of a dogs back leg, her knee is as if twisted pointing back instead of front.
She walks like the Chinese Halloween vampire, hopping.
It might be ok for now, but not long after even her spine will hurt.
Vet n us all agreed to try surgery on her legs, but that will require physiotherapy right after, surgery turns the bone structure back to the right direction, but the whole muscle memory needs to learn and that requires consistent, daily if not hourly exercise, which our foster has been amazing in dedicating her time and effort in.
Even with everybody’s help, her surgery is costly, only the first surgery costed $35,241, and that’s only medical expense.
Physiotherapy expense will also be tens of thousand, as it won’t be sth 1 or 2 sessions can “cure”.
Fortunately in hk we have trusted animal physiotherapist, who is experienced and seen many bone surgery recovery patients.
She ensures we learn the bone structure, make sure everyone learnt the exercises correctly.
Road of recovery is still very long.
We can’t be sure if she can walk again, but we’ll try at least.

天生殘障的bb corgi Emmy, 她正在LAP待領養
也許是繁殖場配種時隨便近親繁殖,後腳deform 了,畸形的後腳沒有小狗應有的膝頭曲線,正常膝頭向前,但她的差不多是反過來向後。坐骨也不好。
她也能站起來走路,但就像萬聖節的疆屍一般,後腳硬着 跳;這樣暫時還可以,長久下去卻會連尾龍骨都變形。
除了見物理治療師其實也有賴厲害的暫託家人一天到晚在家中繼續幫她做這運動,也要用暖包、Assisi loop 等等。
光是第一次手術已要$35,241, 而這也只是醫藥費,不計每隻動物都要運送,食用,而且我們已經沒有任何人工資出。

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