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My Story

PENGASIH Malaysia was formed as a Non-Profit Organization in September 1991. For the past 30 years, we have been active in local and international fronts on Addiction Disorder Treatment, Rehabilitation & Prevention Of various Addictive behaviours. 

As an active volunteer for the last 9 years, PENGASIH MALAYSIA is very close to my heart.  A mother figure to the residents, I am fondly known as ‘Mama Misah’.  As any mother would do, I would spend my days and nights at the center; cooking, sharing laughter and sadness, delving into their perspectives, ideas and wishes and most of all, giving them love and support. I believe addict recoveries deserve a second or even a third chance becaues everyone makes mistakes in their lives!

It is inevitable that the Pengasih Malaysia branch in Kuala Lumpur has to be relocated to a new location in Bentong, Pahang. It will be named, PENGASIH @ CINTA MANIS.  
As time is drawing near for us to move, we have taken the initiative to raise funds as we face challenges to complete the center due to shortfall of funds. 

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From the bottom of my heart, a big big THANK YOU!

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