Build a better future by raising young Malaysian talents in the B40 groups. Please give them a learning opportunity by donating. Thank you for your generous gift.

My Story

It's funny how a normal person like me would end up typing this message to the public. I was that person who SEEN those donation pages, WANTED to help out, but FEEL that I'm too broke to make differences. The mindset of "my small amount of donation will not make any differences" has won over my generous heart that has the eagerness to contribute to those needy. Yes, I admit that I am kind of selfish or greedy. But if you were me, would you also hesitate? 
This is my first time joining AIESEC (a Non-government organization) as one of the local virtual volunteer. I was assigned to 3 high schooler from Pahang and since then, they brighten my mind. At first, I thought that students would be like "Ah, I'm forced to come, please don't call my name, leave me alone." But, it turns out that, they were more energetic, cheerful than I expected. I can see their keenness to move forward, their thirst to learn new things, and their desire to improve themselves by actively engage in the Winter Speak Up Project. I know that I can see potential in them. However, the issues are: How many people realizes their potential and their desire? Who give them chances to flourish in the education field? Where can they find hope to continue striving if there are limitation in education? Are they the chosen one, or are we the chosen one?
Here, I'm fundraising under the Speak Up Project organized by AIESEC Taylor's University. Our objectives are to build confidence and explore leadership in students, to teach them the STEM technical skills, and to reach the charity goal of RM10,000 in order to give those underprivileged students (B40 students) a laptop each. I hope that the person reading this could donate for the B40 students. Appreciate it, and wish you a best of luck in everything. 

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