Climbing Fuji to raise money for YOUMEWE - please support!!

My Story

In less than a month’s time, I will be making the climb up Mt.Fuji reaching at 3,776 meters, or 12,389 feet high. 
This is going to be a challenge, but I am climbing for a cause and I will need your help! 

This climb will be made to raise money and awareness for a wonderful Non-Profit Organization called YouMeWe. 
Some of us are fortunate enough to have support from our families and loved ones, unfortunately not all of us are that lucky. 
This organization helps orphans by providing training and up-skilling in communication, digital literacy and more. 

Recent Donors

  • Mark Stoop

    SGD 50 28/08/2019

  • Anna Vaughan

    Good Luck!

    SGD 100 28/08/2019

  • Tom Osborne

    Great effort! Good luck!

    MYR 100 28/08/2019

  • Matt Harper

    Conqueror away!

    HKD 250 28/08/2019

  • Rach Ashe

    Great cause, good luck and enjoy the adventure 😊

    SGD 50 27/08/2019

  • Anonymous

    SGD 100 22/08/2019

  • Anonymous

    Wishing you success!

    SGD 100 22/08/2019

  • Mike McDonagh

    Good luck Richard!! Fair play to you, sounds like a real challenge and looks like a great cause!

    EUR 50 21/08/2019

  • Kate Chadney

    Good Luck Rich x

    GBP 15 21/08/2019

  • sheralynn tjioe

    SGD 10 21/08/2019

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