Let's help out these animals who have been mistreated almost their entire lives. Join us and lend your helping hands to these adorable, innocent animals.

My Story

We are a group of students from INTI International College Subang. We decided to work with The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA Selangor) to help raise awareness and funds to help out a bunch of adorable animals who are in need of help. Among all the charitable causes of interest, we decided to help out these poor creatures as we ourselves are pet lovers. With your financial contribution, we believe we can all be part of a bigger cause and help these animals live more peacefully.

Recent Donors

  • Ian Tan

    MYR 15 07/13/2022 09:18:43 AM UTC

  • Staney Lau

    MYR 20 07/12/2022 09:23:54 AM UTC

  • Anonymous

    MYR 35 07/12/2022 09:20:36 AM UTC

  • Khim Teh

    MYR 50 07/12/2022 09:16:14 AM UTC

  • Chin Keat Hong

    MYR 10 07/12/2022 09:10:50 AM UTC

  • Jasmyne Foong

    MYR 10 07/12/2022 06:11:00 AM UTC

  • Khai *

    MYR 50 07/12/2022 05:45:06 AM UTC

  • Anusiyah Ravi

    MYR 35 07/12/2022 05:34:53 AM UTC

  • Sharviin Raj

    MYR 20 07/12/2022 05:32:11 AM UTC

  • Matthew Lim

    MYR 15 07/12/2022 05:27:25 AM UTC

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