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The best way to understand a city is to walk its street and know its history. However, in Perak, most of the folks are unaware of Perak’s valuable and fragile cultural heritage - prehistoric rock art sites at Gua Tambun. It is important for us to involve our local youth in preserving and managing precious heritage sites in Malaysia, like Gua Tambun itself. Your donation is greatly appreciated as it can help increase local youth's’ awareness to conserve these natural heritage treasures..

My Story

[17th Oct 2015] "Embracing Tambun Rock art" workshop is getting more fun! This time they get hands-on on haematite drawing and also be the first to try the Tambun Rock Art Puzzle!

[11th Oct 2015] For those who missed their heritage workshop last week, Dr. Goh and her team organized their second "Embracing Tambun Rock Art" heritage workshop. 

[3rd Oct 2015] #GTHAP with Perak Heritage Society, Incitement Ipoh, Sunway College Ipoh, PEKA Perak and Ipoh Echo held a half-day public archaeology workshop at Gua Tambun! 

"Embracing Tambun Rock Art" workshop provides you a window into the ancient times of Tambun! Dr. Goh and her team are overwhelmed by the crowd and they have lots of fun interacting with Ipohites and other heritage lovers - 'rock art hunting', heritage interpretation session and a small conversation on the future of Tambun Rock Art!

I am an archaeologist who specializes in community heritage education and engagement, concerning about the present state of Gua Tambun. It is severely vandalized by modern graffiti and illegal quarrying – mainly due to the unawareness of this valuable and fragile cultural heritage among the local community. A recent survey among a pool of 100 local residents of Tambun  shows that 78 percent of the respondents are unaware of the existence of this prehistoric rock art site in Ipoh. What worrying is that out of 51 respondent who age between 18-25 years old, only 2 local respondents are aware of the prehistoric rock art of Tambun. This scenario indicates that the local heritage awareness among the Tambun community, especially among the young, are extremely low.

The Initiative - Gua Tambun Heritage Awareness Project (GTHAP)
A heritage initiative driven by a group of heritage enthusiastic from Universiti Sains Malaysia and the local NGOs, aiming to encourage and empower local youth to be involved in the conservation and management of this precious heritage site .

As such, I intend to conduct a public archaeology educational program among the local high school students (e.g. informational sharing, site visit etc.).
  • A one-day workshop in 5 different schools and 2 community workshops (for the local people) over the course of 10 weeks
  • Targeting to have at least 10-15 participants for each workshop (approximately 70-100 beneficiaries in total)
  • A total of 7 workshops to be conducted under this program over a course of 2.5 months
Cost Breakdown
  • Transportation from Penang to Ipoh (RM150 x 10 trips) = RM1,500
  • Teaching materials = RM300
  • Printed materials for students (RM10 x 100 pax) = RM1,000
  • Beverages = RM200
  • Site visit: transport, water, etc. (RM10 x 100 pax) = RM1,000
  • Miscellaneous = RM300

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