I am raising money for Bring Me A Book HK, and I am trying to get at least HKD 2,000 because I hope more people around HK have a chance to read for fun, just like us.

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  • Anonymous

    HKD 250 12/08/2020

  • Jennifer Chiang

    Yes please!!!

    HKD 200 10/08/2020

  • Caroline McNally

    Looks delicious! Love Caroline & Nicholas & Bailey

    HKD 500 10/08/2020

  • Sue Toomey

    Yum! I can't wait to try this. Thank you!

    HKD 500 06/08/2020

  • Katherine Abrat

    Great initiative. Thanks Matteo

    HKD 500 03/08/2020

  • Montserrat Perez

    Great work Mateo, can not wait to try the granola...!

    HKD 200 03/08/2020

  • Anita Cimmerbeck

    HKD 300 03/08/2020

  • Jen Wannenmacher

    Well done! Can't wait to have it for brekkie. And no, none of that healthy stuff thank you very much. Only the full on sugar type x

    HKD 200 02/08/2020

  • John Dahl

    HKD 500 02/08/2020

  • Kelly Cooke

    Well done! We can’t wait to try your delicious granola! Kelly, Ante & Niko

    HKD 350 02/08/2020

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