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At Zurich Hong Kong, we are constantly driving positive impact in our community. We are eager to promote the importance of wellbeing within and outside workplace, and more importantly to build awareness on mental health issues. This echoes with our brand proposition in creating a brighter future together. Zurichers will strive to Move-IT and raise money for this good cause. WE ARE READY TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

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We are a team of volunteering colleagues across departments at Zurich Hong Kong, with a single vision - to support the vulnerables in our society. The pandemic has brought drastic impacts on our community since 2020. In view of COVID-19 challenges, over 120 Zurich colleagues have contributed over 1,000 volunteer hours, which positively impacted more than 5,000 lives since 2020. We all are purpose-driven to turn our belief into positive action and impact. 

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