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My Story

Losing anyone, much less to breast cancer, is an indescribable, and often overwhelming feeling of pain and loss. In recent years, I have friends and colleagues being diagnosed with breast cancer. I was indeed sad with the painful experience that they went through. Some breast cancer patients are struggling with the costs of treatment and emotional instability. Some have no option but to turn to the breast cancer welfare organisation or public to gain the necessary support.

So, this is the month for us to highlight the importance of breast cancer awareness and education, and raise funds to help the underprivileged women suffering from breast cancer.

I have been involved with various awareness and fund raising activities related to breast cancer for some years. The effort and hard work have paid off through the generosity of everyone who took part made it all worthwhile. The same goes to this Go Pink initiatives. I hope with our little contribution, BCWA can reach out to help more people suffering from breast cancer and make an impact to their lives.

Thank you for donating! To show my support for this good cause, my virgin hair will turn PINK!

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