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'Glow Charity Project' is the name of our fundraising campaign. 
We are assisting an organization named "Pertubuhan Kebajikan Insan Istimewa Johor Bharu (PKIIJB)" in this charity project. 
It is a non-profit organization that provides free care to 51 individuals who have been abandoned or are disabled. These special underprivileged souls are aged from 8 to 48 years old and have a variety of disabilities.

We are helping PKIIJB for a reason! Due to covid-19 pandemic, the organization is currently facing financial difficulties. In order to take care of these special needs individuals, their monthly expenses cost around RM60000 per month! Therefore, the 'Glow Charity Project' is here to help them generate finances and conquer their challenges.

So, we're launching a fundraising campaign with a target of raising RM1500 or more.  We hope this fundraising event can provide significant assistance for their basic needs. Lastly, we're here to share some love and hope with these remarkable people. We pledge that we will put our very best effort to help them out when they are in need. 

Come and Join Us !!!

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Your small act means the world to them ❤

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  • Xing li Loo

    MYR 100 11/26/2021 12:40:38 PM UTC

  • Li Xuan

    Let's spread our love to them

    MYR 20 11/26/2021 10:21:28 AM UTC

  • Gladys Neo

    MYR 20 11/26/2021 10:18:43 AM UTC

  • Annie Neo

    MYR 20 11/26/2021 03:47:34 AM UTC

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    MYR 10 11/26/2021 01:31:20 AM UTC

  • Sean Chin

    MYR 33 11/25/2021 04:50:23 PM UTC

  • Wei Hoong Quah

    MYR 20 11/25/2021 04:23:42 PM UTC

  • Jason Lee

    MYR 10 11/25/2021 01:54:53 PM UTC

  • Leow Wei Kwong

    MYR 30 11/25/2021 12:56:43 PM UTC

  • Lee Pei Ying

    MYR 300 11/25/2021 06:23:28 AM UTC

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