Let's come together and help out B40 students who have been affected by the pandemic and also the recent flash flood in Malaysia. Together, we improve the lives of those in need.

My Story

It is quite surprising that a large number of students in Malaysia do not possess a smartphone or any sort of gadget for themselves especially now in an age where technology is thriving. I personally succumbed to online learning during the Covid-19 pandemic and I know how difficult it is to cope with studies just sitting in front of a screen and sometimes, students shy away from engaging in class and understanding topics completely. I can only imagine the difficulty of students with no devices to merely attend a class. 
Malaysia is vastly evolving into a better nation day by day but we should not forget about our children. They are the future and we need to ensure that they receive the right education. We can do this by helping them create a path to reach out to their educators and engage in class activities. Let's come together and help these students in need to lay out a better path for their future. 

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