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My Story

One of the things we consistently try to teach our son is not to look at what other's have to see if he has more but to look to see if they have enough.

Every year we try to celebrate his birthday by giving back. On his first birthday we threw a party for the orphans of St. Rita Orphanage. Instead of gifts for Kian, we asked our family and friends to donate items for the orphanage. For his second birthday we asked our family and friends to donate books which we gave to a school in Pampanga. We can't recall what we did for his third birthday. 

For his fourth birthday and moving forward we want to raise funds for our favorite organization, UNICEF. 

Kian has enough. The children that UNICEF helps out need more. 

We are asking for you to give Kian a gift. Give him a gift by giving. 

Recent Donors

  • Patrick Alvarado

    PHP 500 11/09/2018

  • Christian Manuel

    Happy Birthday Kian!

    PHP 1,000 30/08/2018

  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday, Son. From Dad and Mom

    PHP 4,000 14/08/2018

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