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My Story

We have done it! It has been a great experience and your love and support was the biggest motivation to get us through the long night of trekking. The joy of success has taken over after we have crossed the finish line all smiling.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you, once again~~

Becky, Nikki, Ying and Ping

The team was assembled quickly as we usually go jogging and quick hiking together during our lunch break. We have done a good test run on 19 November and completed halfway through the course. This is definitely a challenge for us, but with our determination and team spirit, we shall overcome and succeed. Wish us luck. 

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  • Gallant Lee

    Gladly fulfilling my promise! Well done!

    HKD 200 12/05/2022 02:58:26 PM UTC

  • Kylie & Kelvin

    Support Becky & her team 💪🏻

    HKD 500 12/04/2022 11:56:40 AM UTC

  • Rachel Tang

    Congratulations 🎉 well done

    HKD 222 12/04/2022 01:56:51 AM UTC

  • Polly & Eric Kwok

    Support Becky & her team

    HKD 500 12/03/2022 05:07:30 AM UTC

  • Paul Or


    HKD 500 11/28/2022 01:41:05 AM UTC

  • Anonymous

    HKD 500 11/28/2022 01:34:06 AM UTC

  • Jun He


    HKD 500 11/26/2022 05:53:37 PM UTC

  • Dennis Leung


    HKD 500 11/26/2022 10:34:49 AM UTC

  • Alan Chan

    Becky & Ping, show your mighty power and help people.

    HKD 1,000 11/26/2022 04:13:11 AM UTC

  • Cherry Young

    Support !

    HKD 300 11/26/2022 12:27:59 AM UTC

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