Please support me at the Relay For Life Kuala Lumpur 2018

My Story

At the age of 20 I was diagnosed with stage 3 nasopharyngeal cancer, just as I was starting my first year of medical school  I had constant nose bleeds, was falling sick more often, and had lump at the side of my throat, but I kind of brushed them off. By the time I noticed these symptoms, the cancer had spread to both right and left of my lymph nodes along with my neck.

I had to undergo 35 sessions of radiation and seven sessions of chemotherapy for two months. This weakened me and made drastic changes in my life for the past few years that I am still getting used to. I lost the ability to do a lot of things, yet with the help and support of many individuals I have been slowly taking steps to be the best version of myself!

I beat cancer at the age of 20 and now I am part of National Cancer Society Malaysia's young cancer survivors group and we're looking to raise some funding for the Relay for Life event organised by National Cancer Society of Malaysia! Come join us and help me raise funds towards the fight on cancer! 

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