Please help me help them. Give a gift of joy through education to celebrate a special event.

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Please help me help them.  Give joy through a lasting gift of education. My father did not graduate college. My mother was a grade one teacher. They valued education so much that as we grew up, we had an ate or a kuya that my parents sponsored to go to school or in the case of my mother volunteered her time and energy to set up schools for young people. Pls help me support young persons from indigenous or local communities in Northern Mindanao, from among the Calamianes Tagbanwa in the last frontier in Palawan. For young indigenous persons, specially women in South East Asia,  education is a long lasting legacy...for their future, the future of their family, their community and the nation.  For a woman leader in Indonesia for example, to be eligible to be a leader in a desa or local village she has to have high school diploma.  Many women from indigenous and local communities have not even completed high school.  Help empower them so that local women can lead.  A hundred dollar donation can provide a young person or woman an opportunity either to use a simple mobile phone to access online classes particularly during this COVID crisis and another hundred dollars will allow him or her to pay for “load” or internet access for at least 12 months. Your donation can also support a student's tuition fees and living expenses or support an indigenous school to allow communities to learn about their indigenous traditions and practices.  Please donate to support education or learning by indigenous women and men especially the young. Pls give.  Maraming salamat po.  Terima kasih banyak. Thank you very much for sharing this joy to others. This is Cristi from Samdhana. 

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