The education and well-being of the children truly matters to us and we hope to support and guide these wonderful children to achieve their dreams and fullest potential because every child deserves a future. Please support our cause by donating!

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The children of Yayasan Chow Kit are aged 7 to 12 years old and are considered children at risk. These children do not receive adequate love from their parents and they have no place to go and feel belonged. This is one of the main reasons why Yayasan Chow Kit was formed. The organization does not practice any kind of discrimination or bias as all the children are treated equally. Some of the children are in-schooled because they were born without an identity due to statuses of their families. They are also very talented and filled with enthusiasm when it comes to different fields like theatre, sports, arts and crafts and games.

We are Psychology students at HELP University and we have chosen to raise funds for Yayasan Chow Kit (YCK). We are looking at this as a stepping stone to make a change in the community and gather them to make them see that every child deserves equal rights and education. These children should be given all the opportunities to discover themselves and achieve their personal potential. Besides that, YCK is experiencing insufficient amount of money to cover medical expenses. The children with severe health conditions require more attention and donation because proper medical care and cases are highly charged. It would be heartbreaking to see these innocent children with a potentially remarkable future not receive enough care and mindfulness. Every child matters.

The money raised for this organization goes to the children's education supplies, school fees and most importantly to their  medical expenses. A minimum of RM500 is aimed and targeted to be raised for these children.

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