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ISF is trying to make a difference by raising money for a beach clean up arranged by Adventure Clean-Up Challenge. Please support me by donating.

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"The ISF Academy offers a unique education in Hong Kong. It is an independent school offering a Chinese and English immersion education with a global perspective. Striking a balance between tradition and innovation, between East and West, The ISF Academy is a connected community of learners that is based on a vision of education where the power of ideas to shape lives is understood and respected, and where hope for a better, brighter future forms an essential driving force for learning."

As ISF students, our goal is to use design and primary research, our experiences to raise awareness for the trash on beaches today. Teaming up with ISF teachers on their trip to Sai Kung, we hope to help the ISF community gain knowledge on the current plastic situation in Hong Kong, and how they can make positive changes to the environment.



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