Dear Friends,. I was very moved by this appeal and hope that you will read it, and consider donating to it. Any amount will help - no amount is too small.Thank you!

My Story

Five years ago, Mr Wang Jixing left his hometown in Shandong, China for Singapore to find work to provide for his family of six. 

His parents and wife suffer from chronic illnesses that render them unable to work, and in need of constant medical care. His daughter bears the burden of caring for them while his youngest son, now aged 12, attends school in China. 

Wang received a basic salary of just $500 as a cleaner at Maxwell Food Center. To make ends meet for his family, he took on punishing levels of overtime work. Unfortunately, the overwork took a toll on his health and he suffered a massive stroke on 12 June 2017. Even after a surgery, his entire right side remains paralysed. As he cannot afford further treatment, he has been discharged. 

As he can no longer work, he was recently repatriated back to China, paralysed and penurious. 

But Doctors believe Mr Wang can recover if he undergoes further treatment. The estimated cost for Mr Wang's living and medical expenses for ONE year is S$10,000. Through this fundraising campaign, we hope to raise a minimum of one year's expenses for Mr Wang, to give him and his family same financial relief and breathing space to figure out their next steps.

Please donate generously so that Mr Wang and his family can rebuild their lives – your donations will also help the Wangs to get by as they await the recovery of their sole breadwinner. 

Please visit for the main fundraising page for Mr Wang

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