Our Earth needs help! If not us, then who ?! If not now, then when?! I am raising an awareness for our Earth by raising funds for environmental causes. Please support us by donating.

My Story

Hi people! Have you ever heard that Malaysian have been importing single used plastic from foreign countries? For your information, all those single used plastics were imported for the purpose of recycling, but do you think that the plastics were all recycled? Some of it were recycled, and some of it were not. Only the higher-grade plastic that was valuable was sorted and recycled religiously. Where else, unfortunately, the low-grade chunk isn't suitable for recycling hence those plastics automatically kept to aside to be burnt. 

We Greenpeace Malaysia stepped up to fight for this issue and most importantly to solve this issue. We need the support from generous people like you to contribute to us so that we can save our environment and most importantly for our future generations. We believe in people power and together we can save our precious earth. 

Greenpeace does not accept money from governments, corporations or political parties. Individual contributions, together with grants from foundations, are the only source of our funding.

This is why we need your help, your donation and fundraising can help to investigate, campaign, document and lobby for a sustainable balance between humans and the environment.

All changes start with you. Fundraise for Greenpeace or Donate today for a sustainable future.

Recent Donors

  • Naim Najmuddin

    Usaha yang baik! Bagus bro 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    MYR 10 26/10/2020

  • Nurul Hanisah

    Semoga dipermudahkan urusan untuk bantu alam sekitar kita 😁

    MYR 10 26/10/2020

  • Shafiqka Afandi

    Keep up the good work!

    MYR 20 25/10/2020

  • Wano

    Helping earth chan to get a better future 😿

    MYR 15 24/10/2020

  • Muhammad Sharifuddin

    Together we save our Earth, keep up the good effort bro

    MYR 20 24/10/2020

  • Farah Shahirah Norazmi

    MYR 10 19/10/2020

  • Aisyah Suhaila

    I am very glad this platform exist to protect our Earth and environment. Will try to to commit in donating constantly. Keep up the good work!

    MYR 20 19/10/2020

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