I'm making a difference by raising money for the prickly problem of plastic pollution and saving our earth for future generation. Please support me by donating.

My Story

Have you heard that Malaysia has been importing single used plastic from foreign countries?? Have you heard about us greenpeace? We are an independent NGO, fighting against plastic pollution. Malaysia becoming the worlds number ONE destination for plastic waste export. 

The reason for this is simple. In 2017 when China,  worlds biggest dumping ground for plastic abruptly decided that they are not going to take most of it in anymore  then all the trash had to get dumped elsewhere. That's when it entered the fertile and friendly soils of sunny Southeast Asia whereby Malaysia is one of the country which stepped up to take up most of the share of the trash which officially kickstarted our plastic fueled nightmare. 

Soon later Malaysia became the single largest importer of plastic waste in the world which resulted in start ups of plenty plastic recycling firms in Malaysia, many of them were illegal. The plastic recycling facilities mushroomed in places such as Klang, Kuala Langat and Jenjarom. It is important to note that with these facilities came trouble as well. Higher-grade plastic that was valuable was sorted and recycled religiously. 

 Where else, unfortunately, the low-grade chunk isn't suitable for recycling hence those plastics automatically kept to aside to be burnt. As anyone with even the minutest knowledge of plastic would be able to tell you, burning it is a very, very bad idea. The poisonous fumes soon caused local residents much heartache and headache. 

That's when we from Greenpeace stepped in and produced a report `The Recycling Myth'. We pushed the report to the adun adun Selangor during the period between July 2018 and April 2019, Government closed 150 unlicensed plastic recycling factories. Unfortunately, closing these facilities alone won't solve the problem because this plastic pollution has spread to the Northern States such as Penang, Kedah and Perak. Hence this is why we require maximum support from PUBLIC. As we believe in people power. We have to put a stop to this plastic pollution together so our future generation will have a better place to live. Now to the most interesting part where all you have to do is by simply contributing humbly to Greenpeace in order to sustain our beloved mother nature.


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