Our team is concerned for the dwindling population of sea turtles and we hope to prevent the extinction of sea turtles with the help of society. Your small contribution would make an immense difference for us, Lang Tengah Turtle Watch NGO and the vulnerable sea turtles.

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Shellturforall is a team consisting of 11 like-minded & passionate students from Heriot-Watt University who all have a common aim to save sea turtles from possible extinction and to increase awareness about the importance of protecting the life of sea turtles. We are also helping to contribute for the recovery of the species, as well as promoting ocean-friendly habits and introducing ways to protect these delicate species’ habitat and marine life.

Our main objective for this crowdfunding project is to raise funds for Lang Tengah Turtle Watch, a voluntary organization founded in April 2013 that is based in Terengganu, Malaysia. Lang Tengah Turtle Watch, abbreviated LTTW, has taken the initiative to confidently take the key steps towards preserving these lovely creatures to make sure that the future generations make it out to sea successfully.

We aspire to help support their action of monitoring turtle landing, protecting sea turtles from poachers, conducting ocean science research, and discovering what other conservation issues lie hidden on the island. Throughout this project, we intend to organize interactive events such as talks and challenges to attract more awareness towards this cause in an exciting and engaging way.

Thank you, and together, we can make a difference to save lives of sea turtles.


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Do join us and we are looking forward to seeing you around!


For more information about Lang Tengah Turtle Watch and their projects, feel free to visit their website: 

Credits to Lang Tengah Turtle Watch for the wonderful and delightful pictures.

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