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Hi, thank you for visiting my personal fundraising page. I will be doing a triathlon on 20th January 2013 and aiming to raise money for Singapore Association For Mental Health (SAMH). Why SAMH? I had suffered Post Trauma Stress Disorder (PTSD) for a couple of years after my accident in 2008 that had crippled me. I was living in fear, hopeless and depressed together with repeated nightmares and flashbacks of the accident. SAMH had offered me its kind help, counselling and guidance (all, free of charge) to conquer this PTSD. I am very thankful and I had recovered well after receiving SAMH's help. SAMH advised me to take up sports to keep my life going. Since then, I played table tennis, bowling and now becoming a Wheelchair Triathlete. Yes, I have suffered a hand (right) injury and am going for my hand surgery after Chinese New Year. Maybe I cannot complete this triathlon. To me, its not about completion, it will be more about conquering every step every kilometre no matter how pain it will be; just like how I had walked out from the Dark Scary PTSD. Hope to receive your blessing especially in my upcoming hand surgery. Since I am now still fit and have a normal upperbody (before surgery), I will do the upcoming triathlon and also to fundraise for SAMH in appreciation of its help and guidance in my life. Please show us your support too by giving a little donation!!! :-D Through you can make safe and secure donations to sponsor me. The proceeds of your support are immediately sent directly to my charity namely Singapore Association For Mental Health (SAMH). Using this given platform is really simple and most importantly it's also a really cost efficient way for the charity to raise funds. My page allows you to follow my progress; share it with friends; voice encouragement or even join me and get involved yourself! Please dig deep and donate, every little counts! Fong Chun Cheong

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    SGD 100 02/20/2013 08:44:05 AM UTC

  • Anonymous

    SGD 50 01/27/2013 01:31:40 AM UTC

  • JADE


    SGD 20 01/22/2013 04:01:56 PM UTC

  • Sandy chew

    thank you for the movement , we should help each other. Fong is my idol and master.

    SGD 100 01/22/2013 12:15:18 AM UTC

  • Lee Yee Xuan

    Congrats Shi Fu!

    SGD 20 01/21/2013 02:41:21 PM UTC

  • Bai Yuhong

    SGD 100 01/20/2013 10:33:31 PM UTC

  • Tiffany G.

    I have seen u from Bed bound all the way to your current status. Dalixa's fighting spirit - Gain my respect Will support you my dear! Many Kisses. Venn will be proud of you! Just a waste she had passed on.

    SGD 50 01/19/2013 05:35:04 PM UTC

  • Lim Ghee Keng

    SGD 250 01/19/2013 12:47:19 PM UTC

  • Wong Hwee Cheng


    SGD 100 01/18/2013 08:30:01 AM UTC

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