A little help goes a long way. Let us all make a difference by doing amazing things today. I am raising funds for a cause close to my heart. Please support Greenpeace Philippines’ advocacy and campaign by donating. May we all be blessed as we continue to share our blessings to others.

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Our country needs your help. The Philippines right now ranked the 2nd most vulnerable country to climate change as presented in the 2020 Climate Risk Index in Madrid during the last United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP25 Chile).

Climate crisis, like the pandemic is truly personal. Behind the science- the numbers and statistics- are PEOPLE. Individuals with goals and dreams for their families and for themselves. Climate crisis is not just about warming oceans, dying polar bears, sea level rise, stronger typhoons and extreme droughts. We lose lives, livelihoods, and RIGHT TO A DIGNIFIED LIFE. This is why CLIMATE JUSTICE is significant because it is our instrument to protect the things WE VALUE MOST in our lives. Those who were victims of typhoon can attest to this famous quote “The storm came like a thief in the night.”

How ready are we when it comes to typhoon or other catastrophic events? Where are we when it comes to level of preparedness in the most unforeseen and extreme climate crisis events? Is this the kind of environment we want to pass on to the younger generation and to the future ones? The fact remains — humans and nature co-exists. Therefore one cannot live without the other.

The world is currently facing #Covid19 pandemic issue but apart from that, let us not forget that we have a bigger crisis that have been existing for years now — and that is our environmental and climate crisis. While we are actively engaging in various campaigns, this battle cannot be done by different environmental organizations like Greenpeace alone. We need your help to make our efforts go even further.

With your extended love and support, you can definitely help us move forward and make a change. Your support is crucial to our efforts in making a global resolution to the current climate crisis.

If you’re able, we’d love it if you could make a monetary donation (any amount) to help us achieve our mission in protecting our environment. Our Mother Earth.

Thank you in advance for your contribution. Your donation will go toward Greenpeace’s climate crisis campaign.

Just click on Donate, choose the amount that you want to give as “one time donation” (if below Php 1,000, you can enter the amount on the “other” section) using your Visa, Mastercard, Amex or JCB card and click submit.

Thank you so much! As you share, may you be blessed with thousand folds


Charmine Grace V. Patizar

Senior Direct Dialogue Campaigner

Greenpeace Philippines Southeast Asia

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  • Mitc Sy

    I love you, charm kulit

    PHP 2,000 31/05/2020

  • Charlene Joy Patizar

    My future. Your future

    PHP 2,000 31/05/2020

  • Eurika Pacatang

    Love, light and hope in the midst of crisis

    PHP 2,000 31/05/2020

  • Mavel

    Be praying that God conttinue to bless this org to reach more people in need.

    PHP 2,000 31/05/2020

  • Edson Lim

    Sharing my small blessing to Greenpeace Philippines

    PHP 3,000 31/05/2020

  • Anonymous

    Claiming blessings to everyone. Debt free and good health.

    PHP 1,000 31/05/2020

  • Rey Macaraig

    Everything’s gonna be alright. 🤙

    PHP 500 31/05/2020

  • Aliyah Veatrice De Juan

    For my daughter and her future

    PHP 500 31/05/2020

  • Socorro Faye Suarez

    The hope of the future

    PHP 834 31/05/2020

  • Carl Richard Guinto

    Happy to help. God bless Charm! ☺️

    PHP 1,000 31/05/2020

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