Fundraising Event

WWF-Philippines #AyokoNgPlastik Movement

  • 06/07/2019 - 31/12/2020
  • Philippines
PHP 52,700
12% Complete
Target : PHP 250,000

About Event

Globally, the Philippines is the 3rd largest contributor to ocean plastics – a pressing concern that WWF-Philippines hopes to address as these toxic materials ultimately end up in our own food supply. Microplastics, the smaller broken down pieces of plastic floating in our waters, make their way to the diet of the fish that we eat. 

One way to help lessen plastic pollution is take the battle against single-use plastics on a personal level by simply refusing to be dependent on them and choosing to use more sustainable alternatives. But this is just a start of a massive challenge that entails the combined effort of all Filipinos to create long term solutions that will make a huge difference.

This year, WWF-Philippines is taking a firm stand against plastic pollution. We are campaigning to raise donations for our environmental education projects, as well as our goal to forge transformative industry partnerships that will help ensure a future where plastics no longer pollute oceans, threaten marine biodiversity, and harm humans.

Join us as we pledge to say #AyokoNgPlastik!