Fundraising Event


  • 18/11/2020 - 31/01/2021
  • Malaysia
MYR 5,435
5% Complete
Target : MYR 100,000

About Event

Millions of our brothers and sisters are suffering in this cruel life. Some have no shelter over their head, some have no food to digest, some have not enough cloth to warm them up while some are losing their hope to continue living. Their hope is fading, their faith is scattering.

No one can help to retrieve faith in humanity except YOU.

At Cinta Syria Malaysia and Cinta Gaza Malaysia, we believe that your help can change their future to brighter ones. "Your Help, Their Future" is our standpoint in keeping this huge mission moving forward for the sake of the sustainability of the vulnerable community. Undeniably with your helping hand and pure heart, you are saving the last bit of humanity by providing unfortunate people with basic needs such as food, clothes, education and many more.

Cinta Syria Malaysia and Cinta Gaza Malaysia which also familiarly known as CSM and CGM are non-profit groups that function as the mediator to assist you in helping the vulnerable Muslim communities especially in Syria and Palestine. CSM and CGM believe that one's future can be improved through education as our 2 main missions are to provide free education for vulnerable Syrian and Gaza children and to focus on donations for the refugees. Driven by 3 main objectives by these 2 subsidiaries, we aim towards enhancing the awareness among Malaysian society, volunteering bodies for targeted refugees and lastly to inculcate the spirit and interest of volunteerism among the youth.

Through your helping hand, Cinta Syria Malaysia and Cinta Gaza Malaysia will manage to accommodate and provide basic needs during winter for the targeted beneficiaries.

Imagine the smile that you can put on them. Imagine the hungry children you feed. Imagine forever lasting knowledge that they can gain.

This is a big mission for a big change.
CSM and CGM couldn't exist without you.
These people need you to make it happen.
And together, we're creating a better place to live in for them.