Fundraising Event

Taking Care of Sumatran Tigers Injured in the Wild by Traps and Snares

  • 28/01/2019 - 31/12/2021
  • Indonesia
USD 501
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Target : USD 15,000

About Event

Please donate or fundraise for us, to help us to:

  • Operate our clinic to treat injured Sumatran tigers and get them safely back to their habitat
  • Run tiger conservation education awareness programs in communities bordering tiger habitat
  • Establish tiger protection teams to keep tiger habitat clear of traps and snares

Sumatran tigers (Panthera tigris sumatrae) struggle to survive because of habitat loss and poaching. With only about 500 left in the wild we need to work fast to save them. Our work consists of three inter-related components, all of which are important for making progress in the conservation of these critically endangered big cats.

Our tiger clinic: All too often, tigers get injured by traps and snares set by poachers. To address this issue, ASTI has been developing a tiger clinic facility in tiger habitat. This clinic, which is nearing completion, will enable us to take care of injured tigers and return them safely to the wild as soon as possible after they have recovered.  

Our tiger conservation education program: At the same time, we are delivering tiger conservation awareness education programs in communities close to tiger habitat with the aim of helping to reduce conflicts between tigers and people. We are aiming to engender pride in the Sumatran tiger by presenting this beautiful animal as an iconic species and a national heritage.

Our tiger protection teams: To help protect the tigers in their habitat, we will be forming tiger protection teams to patrol the forest and destroy traps and snares set by poachers.

This is an ongoing long-term project, so we will need sufficient funds to keep all of the above aspects of our work running properly. With your help, either by making a donation or by fundraising on our behalf, we believe we can make a difference for the Sumatran tiger. 

Please join us to help make this happen!