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Take On A Challenge & Fundraise for YCK

  • 03/06/2019 - 31/12/2019
  • Malaysia
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Target : MYR 10,000

About Event

Want to do something good and experience something for yourself at the same time?

Take on any of the following challenges and raise funds for Yayasan Chow Kit!  

1. Feel The Hunger - Live Below RM70 
More than 125,000 people live in poverty with only RM6-7 a day in Malaysia. Experience what it is like by setting aside only RM70 per week in cash for your living expenses for two weeks

2. No Carbs/Sugar/Coffee
At-risk children did not have the luxury of enjoying ice cream, bubble tea or cake. Experience what it is like by abstaining from consuming carbs/sugar/coffee for one whole month

3. A Bowl of Rice and An Egg
They had to survive on what was available to them. Experience what it is like by having a bowl of rice and an egg for every meal for two weeks

4. One For Two 
Most of time, their meals had to be shared. Experience what it is like by sharing your meal with someone every meal for two weeks.   

Once you have decided on a challenge, start your personalised fundraising page to make it more meaningful!
- Click "Start Fundraising" on top of this Event Page.
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- Fill in all necessary fields.
- Write a personal story about why this challenge or cause means a lot to you.
- Set a target.
- Upload pictures and videos.
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Finally, get your friends to donate to your page and keep you accountable by sharing your progress on social media!

Good luck!