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資助2名青少年參加寄養專題大會 Support 2 Youths To A Foster Care Conference

  • 21/08/2019 - 15/10/2019
  • Hong Kong
HKD 28,800
57% Complete
Target : HKD 50,000

About Event

我們計劃派送兩名曾於寄養家庭成長的青少年,出席參加澳洲舉行的 Voices in Action: Nothing About Us, Without Us 專題大會。此會議旨在為曾於關顧系統裡的兒童及青少年,提升加强他們的發聲機會和力度。我們正在為這兩位年輕人籌務所需的港幣5萬元,好讓他倆成功出發。您的慷慨解囊,將能讓他們經歷到一個一生可能只得一次的難能可貴經驗,以致為他們的人生旅程賦能,終究改寫他們的生命故事 。

  • Kelly* (20歲),她4歲時進入寄養家庭,一直到18歲才離開。她現正在香港一所大學攻讀會計及金融學位。在此之前,她是童夢同想的成員,這是一個兒童領導的促進兒童權利的組織。她參與了若干活動,以提高公眾對兒童權利的認識,並加快建立一個有利於兒童和永久的兒童平臺,以各種影響兒童的方式表達他們的意見。
  • Henry*(18歲):亨利4歲時被送到一個寄養家庭。他最終將和他出生的家庭團聚。完成HKDSE考試後,亨利計畫在大學裡學習醫學實驗室科學。他熱衷於參加《母親的選擇》中不同的寄養青年專案。最近,他代表母親選擇參加了香港兒童權利委員會舉辦的聯合國兒童權利委員會報告專案。他正與不同背景的兒童合作,編寫一份報告,提交聯合國,反映香港兒童的情況。


Kelly 和 Henry 此行的主要目標是:

1. 帶回見解,與母親的抉择分享意見,協助改善香港的寄养家庭制度;

2. 為他們提供一個途徑,讓他們感到有發言權和被傾聽;

3. 建立自信,並與同齡人和在寄养系統內工作的人建立聯繫。

目前母親的抉擇有一個小組,幫這些已經離開寄養家庭的孩子。 然而,政府沒有提供任何資助給我們提供這項服務,我們也沒有資金將他們派到這次的會議。感謝您的慷慨和説明改變像凱利和亨利這樣的年輕人的生活故事!

Our goal is to raise HK$50,000 to send two Hong Kong youth, who grew up in foster care, to attend the Voices in Action: Nothing About Us, Without Us Conference in Melbourne, Australia in November this year. This inspiring conference is a unique opportunity to elevate the voices of children and young people who have experience in the care system but whose voices are often overlooked. They will work alongside carers, professionals and sector leaders to make the changes needed for a more effective care system for children and young people. Here is their story: 

Kelly Lee* (Aged 20): Kelly entered foster care at the age of 4. She aged out of foster care after turning 18. She is currently pursuing a degree in Accounting and Finance at a university in Hong Kong. Before that, she was a member of Kids' Dream - a child-led organization to promote children's rights. She is involved in several activities to raise public awareness on children's rights and to accelerate the establishment of a child-friendly and permanent platform for children to express their views in all manners affecting them.
Henry Cheung* (Aged 18): Henry was sent to a foster family when he was 4 years old. He will be reuniting with his birth family eventually. After finishing the HKDSE exam, Henry plans to study Medical Laboratory Science in college. He is passionate in participating in different foster youth programs in Mother’s Choice. Recently, he represented Mother's Choice in the UNCRC reporting project organized by the Hong Kong Committee on Children's Rights. He is working with children from different backgrounds to prepare a report which will be submitted to the United Nations to reflect children's situation in Hong Kong.

    *Pseudo names to protect our youths. 

The primary objectives of this trip for Kelly and Henry are:

1.   To bring back insights and share ideas with Mother’s Choice to help improve the out-of-home care system in Hong Kong;

2.   To provide them with an avenue to feel empowered, informed, and to have a say and be heard;

3.   And, to grow, build self-confidence and to connect with their peers and those working within the system.

Agency Visits: 12-13 November 2019
Conference: 14-16 November 2019
$25,000 x 2 Foster Youth = $50,000

We would be happy to provide a more detailed breakdown, if needed!

Mother's Choice currently runs a support group on a monthly basis as to engage, empower and build mutual support for those who age out from the system. However, we do not receive any funding to provide these supporting services to them nor do we have the funding to send them to this conference. 

Thank you for generosity and for helping to change life stories for young adults like Kelly and Henry!