Fundraising Event

Support Youth Mental Health and Suicide Prevention

  • 06/07/2020 - 31/12/2020
  • Hong Kong
HKD 51,198
5% Complete
Target : HKD 1,000,000 Raised Offline : HKD 8,000

About Event


Youth in Hong Kong need Your Support

Mind HK, KELY Support Group (KELY), and The Samaritan Befrienders Hong Kong (SBHK) have joined forces to co-organise the “Support Youth Mental Health and Suicide Prevention” fundraising campaign.

We’ve been met with many challenges over the last few months, as we’ve had to navigate a significant drop in donations and an increased need for mental health support for youth. Our charities are primarily project based and rely heavily on donations; currently we do not have enough to support the continuous operations of all services. If you are able to support, please consider sharing a portion or all of your HK$10,000 cash pay-out to this fund to help us raise our target goal of 1 million HKD to expand and sustain our mental health services for young people in Hong Kong.

We know that the last few months have been difficult for many in Hong Kong. Those who we help have been impacted the most -- youth facing mental health problems, or at risk of developing mental health problems, included. However much you decide to donate, we are beyond grateful for your kind support and generosity and will do all we can to support our youth.

**Donations of HK$100 or above are eligible for a tax-deductible receipt.

All Hong Kong permanent residents over the age of 18 are eligible for the cash payout scheme. To learn about registering, please visit:

Where will the money go?

This fund will support a cohesive response to support the mental health of young people. Through the Coolminds initiative, KELY will provide direct youth support and Mind HK will educate the adults around them. SBHK will expand their crisis services and suicide prevention programmes for when youth need help most.

“Destigmatising mental health is no easy feat, and it will require us all to come together as fellow youth, parents, teachers, and a community to make a real impact.” – Ms. Sky Siu, Executive Director, KELY Support Group

Your support will help Coolminds:  

  • Sustain and expand current programmes, including training, information sharing, online resources and destigmatisation, as well as support for educators and parents.
  • Build and implement awareness initiatives, including digital campaigns, for sharing of relevant help. A youth mental health challenge, built to support improved mental well-being and mental health literacy levels, is currently in development and will be ready for implementation in 2021.
  • Support the delivery of mental health training to 800+ students, 800+ parents, and 800+ educators across Hong Kong.
  • Develop and publish an additional 10 topical resources, 12 video resources, and 24 youth blogs, further supporting thousands of young people accessing mental health content across our website and social media channels.
Your support will help SBHK:
  • Provide both online and hotline counselling services for individuals, including youth, who are experiencing emotional distress and suicide ideation
  • Provide life education to youths and their parents through outreach and community activities, interactive drama performances, talks and online resources etc., to help them understand the meaning of lives and raise their awareness and support to others with negative emotions

Read young people’s stories: 

Struggling with mental health changed my life
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Why does youth mental health in Hong Kong matter?

  • 75% of mental health problems arise before the age of 24 and 50% are established by the age of 24. Targeting youth is the most effective way to prevent further and initial development of common mental health problems.
  • 40% of students in Form 1 (Year 7) continue to be at risk of committing suicide.
  • Youth suicide rate (aged 10-19) in Hong Kong more than doubled between 2014 and 2017.
  • Around 50% of Hong Kong’s secondary school pupils show symptoms of depression, and 25% clinically-high levels of anxiety, and over 70% experience burnout from school.

Young people in Hong Kong have faced a difficult few months, due to COVID-19. According to KELY Support Groups’ research for youth between 14-24 years old:

  • 1 in 4 respondents experienced feelings of isolation during the period of studying from home*
  • 72% of respondents felt stress related to disconnection from school friends and teachers*
  • 57% of respondents felt anxiety related to seeing information everywhere about COVID-19 *
  • 37% of respondents indicated feeling anxious during the time of COVID-19**
  • 38% of respondents did not know where to go for mental health support**
*Data collected in Feb/March, 2020 (KELY Support Group)
**Data collected in June, 2020 (KELY Support Group) 

We care

Our three non-profit organisations work together in synergy to improve the mental health of young people across Hong Kong.

Mind HK leads the research and clinical elements, and trains those who support young people in Hong Kong

KELY Support Group (KELY) works directly with the young people and leads the peer2peer engagement and service around wellbeing and support. 

The Samaritan Befrienders Hong Kong (SBHK) works with young people to provide life education, as well as crisis and emotional support through digital and voice channels.

Our collaborative support and services provided to young people in Hong Kong around mental health include:

1. Coolminds: A project by Mind HK and KELY Support Group

Mind HK and KELY joined hands in 2019 to create Coolminds, a joint youth mental health initiative promoting mental health awareness, support and understanding in Hong Kong’s youth,  and those around them. By bringing international best practice to Hong Kong for high school and university students alike, Coolminds aims to provide comprehensive programmes for the prevention, early intervention and management of youth mental health. Since we launched in late 2019, we have: 

  • Published our Coolminds website (, including 24 bilingual resources and 70+ blog posts from young people in Hong Kong
  • Trained 585 young people
  • Trained 178 parents
  • Trained 115 educators

For more information on Coolminds, please visit:

2. The Samaritan Befrienders Youth Initiatives

The Samaritan Befrienders Hong Kong provides both online and hotline counselling services for individuals, including youth, who are experiencing emotional distress and suicide ideation. In addition to this, the organisation also offers talks, interactive drama performances, parent support group, training and online resources to raise awareness of youth suicide and provide support for students, parents and educators.

Service Data in 2019

  • Hotline Centre handled 2,533 incoming calls (help seekers aged 10-29)
  • Suicide Crisis Intervention Centre handled 320 suicidal cases (suicidal users aged 10-29) 
  • ChatPoint (Online Chat Service) handled 2,980 chat cases
  • Life Education Centre provided 208 activities, which benefited 11,474 parents and young people

For more information on SBHK, please visit:

About the organisations

Mind HK 

Mind HK is a registered S88 charity (91/16471) established in the name of Mind Mental Health Hong Kong Limited and is committed to improving awareness and understanding of mental health in Hong Kong. They provide online support and training programmes, based on global best practice, to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem and equip them with the resources they need. Through collaborative research, Mind HK is leading the way in understanding mental health problems in the city and providing its population with the right support and resources. 

For more information on Mind HK, please visit: 

KELY Support Group 

KELY Support Group (KELY) is a Hong Kong-based non-profit organisation (IR File Number: 91/3716) whose mission since 1991 is to equip young people with the skills, knowledge, and opportunities needed to support themselves and each other. KELY envisions a world where young people are empowered to reach their full potential. They collaborate with schools and other partners to offer programmes to Chinese- and English-speaking youth between the ages of 14 and 24 around three core focus areas: Drug and Alcohol Awareness, Mental Health & Wellbeing, and Positive Youth Development. 

For more information on KELY Support Group, please visit:

The Samaritan Befrienders HK 

The Samaritan Befrienders Hong Kong is a local organization founded in 1960 by a group of enthusiastic volunteers (IR File Number: 91/1498). We believe in benevolence in human nature, with love we are able to nurture the spirit of mutual aid, mutual support and mutual affection among individuals. We provide the hopeless, the helpless and the suicidality inclined to a listener so that they can relate their inner pain and distress. The acceptance and support from our volunteers and suicide crisis counselors can encourage them to overcome their emotional distress and face up to their problems. 

For almost 60 years, SBHK has evolved into an organization which provides comprehensive suicide prevention services. Apart from our 24-hour emotional support hotline service, we also provide suicide crisis intervention, life education and professional training to the general public and the helping professions.

For more information on The Samaritan Befrienders Hong Kong, please visit: