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Save Our Sea Turtles Starting This #MYGiving Week

  • 28/11/2019 - 03/03/2020
  • Malaysia
MYR 1,285
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Target : MYR 10,000

About Event

In conjunction with the inaugural #MYGiving Week from 3 to 8 December 2019 - when Malaysians come together to give whatever they can to bring about a positive change to the nation - WWF-Malaysia invites all supporters to crowdfund to help save our sea turtles! Please click on the 'Start Fundraising' button above, build your page, and ask your friends and family to donate to your cause during the three-month campaign period which will run from 3 December 2019 to 3 March 2020 World Wildlife Day. 

We will send a thank you gift to all crowdfunders* resident in Malaysia who:
1. Fundraise RM500 to RM999.99 during the campaign period - 1 x six-inch turtle plush toy and a customised thank you certificate printed on sustainably produced paper
2. Fundraise RM1,000 or more during the campaign period - 1 x six-inch turtle plush toy, 1 x turtle key chain, (as shown in the banner above) and a customised thank you certificate printed on sustainably produced paper 

Sea turtle numbers continue to plummet in most parts of the world and some populations are on the brink of extinction due to:
• Loss of nesting and feeding habitats
• Egg-collection for consumption
• Fishery-related mortality and pollution

In the 1950s, some 10,000 Leatherback turtle nests were recorded at Rantau Abang, Terengganu. There have been no recorded nestings of Leatherbacks since 2011.

We cannot afford to let our Hawksbill, Olive Ridley and Green turtles suffer the same fate. It is not too late to help these majestic species. You have the power to save their lives; get together with friends and family to crowdfund and help WWF-Malaysia to:
• Monitor and patrol nesting beaches to minimise the sale and consumption of turtle eggs
• Conduct research to understand marine turtle habitats and biology, and enhance conservation efforts
• Continue our efforts in calling for stronger and more holistic laws to protect turtles

You can be a part of the fight to save this national icon. Together, we can ensure that these ancient mariners are around for generations to come. Thank you so much.

*Note: This campaign is open to individual crowdfunders only. For businesses who would like to crowdfund for, or donate to, WWF-Malaysia, please email Thank you