Fundraising Event

Zero Waste Malaysia Project 0

  • 01/12/2019 - 31/12/2019
  • Malaysia
MYR 78,621
78% Complete
Target : MYR 100,000 Raised Offline : MYR 44,519

About Event

*Project 0 Simply Giving page ended on 31/12/2019. Kindly proceed to  if you want to donate to us =D. *

Project 0
is a one-month long campaign beginning from 1/12/2019 till 31/12/2019 which aims to raise RM100k. Starting from zero!

The funds raised through Project 0 will be used to support the operational cost for year 2020 with on-going and upcoming projects include:
  • Speakers Engagement- Educational awareness campaign through sharing zero waste lifestyle to target audience.
  • Zero Waste Handbook series - Free downloadable e-book to implement zero waste on event planning; go zero waste at office and more.
  • Zero Waste Educational Lesson Plan - An education lesson plan / design thinking material to be used at education institutions from primary school to secondary level.
  • Zero Waste Malaysia Map - Improve the current resources map to be more user friendly.
  • Zero Waste Pledge certification - Evaluate businesses / organisations that pledge on respective low waste effort in their operation model.
  • Zero Waste Consultancy - Provide consultation services to businesses that are interested in low waste management especially focus on reducing waste from upstream.
By achieving Project 0 target - RM100k, the team will be able to progress effectively and being more self-sustainable.

Who We Are
Established in 2016, Zero Waste Malaysia (“ZWM”) is a non-profit organisation and community group based in Malaysia advocating for sustainable development and aiming to increase the local community’s awareness in sustainable living.

Living zero waste is a journey of replacing disposables with reusables, and the 5Rs (Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot) is in the forefront of everything we do. We strive to adopt the zero waste lifestyle whilst creating an education and resource platform for the community. We encourage everyone to have a shift in mindset and practice the good, environmentally-responsible habits that will navigate us through our current disposable culture.

2016 – Started out as a community group on Facebook.
2017 – Obtained global recognition through Malaysia’s First Zero Waste Fest.
2018 – Officially registered as a non-profit organisation.
2019 – Organised Malaysia’s 2nd Zero Waste Fest, with a key focus on sustainable business advocacy. Launched Zero Waste Malaysia Map, Zero Waste Event Handbook, Zero Waste Speaker Team and Zero Waste Pledge Certification.
In Sep-2019, the co-founders of Zero Waste Malaysia have been honoured with the Commonwealth Points of Light award by the Earl of Wessex, Prince Edward to recognise their outstanding contributions to the community.

ZWM exhibits our commitment for transparency by publishing all donations, partnership accounts and audits publicly available online. ZWM will also publish a weekly performance update on our social media including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter which will comprise:
• The latest amount of funds raised
• List of fundraisers
• List of donors


We are not eligible to issue tax exemption receipts for the donations made.

Thank you for helping us to ZERO in our goals! Contact us at if you have any question on Project 0.

Project 0 is also part of the #MYGiving movement! 
A movement to bring together Malaysians through an epic celebration of generosity.